What level of movie geek are you?

So it turns out that I am a bit of geek, a film geek nonetheless. Yes I watch a lot of films, not as many as I would like but I try to cram in as many as possible, and yes I can recite lines dialogue, but am I a geek? Yes I love to proclaim film trivia as if it’s the most interesting thing the ears of passers by will here all day, my inner child would love to think that work colleagues rush home to their significant others to say “Guess what Rambling Dad told me today about Rocky IV, it blew my mind”. I suspect that they do not.

However I don’t think I am an uber-geek, and I have come up with the following levels to put my hypothesis to the test. Reader, (I nearly put readers there but that might be a tad ambitious) feel free to see what level you fit into.

You are able to spell the word “film” and understand that they are occasionally referred to as “movies”. You’ve seen a couple of movies and could possibly name the odd film star, but really the only famous ones. Believes Shia LaBoeuf to be a dish served at seafood restaurant in La Rochelle.

You are aware of where your local cinema is, you occasionally talk fondly of one film and usually something like Dirty Dancing or Pretty Woman you have heard of James Bond, Indiana Jones and Ghostbusters, but you deem them all to be rather silly and not realistic. Level 2 geeks will always think there is something more productive to do with 2 hours than watch a film………..they are wrong. Mrs Rambling Dad is a bona fide Movie geek level 2. They have heard of Shia LaBoeuf but believe he is the new Indiana Jones or something

The Blockbuster fan. These are the fans who will always go watch “the big films” and believes that Arnie and Sly are the greatest movie stars ever and actually claim that they are great actors. Movie geek level 3 will never read the book before watching the film “what’s the point” is often the response. They will only go and watch films with certain actors in them. Subtitled and black and white films are a big no no for Geek level 3 and don’t even go to anything that was made prior to 1977. Use Shia LaBoeuf as explaining to people that they are going to the toilet “I’m off for a Shia”

Now we are getting serious. Movie geek level 4s will claim that their favourite director is Stanley Kubrick when in fact it is probably Steven Spielberg. Four’s have good film knowledge and will quite happily talk all night about films. Box sets are common place and film trivia books adorn book shelves. The DVD collection is not alphabetized but ordered by film maker. Can freely quote dialogue and name obscure actors in random films. They often name pets after Lord of the Rings or Star Trek characters. Blames Shia LaBouef for everything from appalling films, the Titanic sinking and death of Goose in Top Gun

The ultimate movie geek. Level 5s have been known to camp for two weeks outside cinemas prior to the opening of the new Star Trek film, they believe Alien Vs Predator to be a misunderstood classic. They have email names such as Lasersword@filmgeek.co.uk. They explain the implausibility of laser beams making sparks when cutting a hole in the door of the Starship Enterprise. They name their children after Lord of the Rings or StarTrek characters. They believe Shia LaBoeuf is a God, and watch Transformers at least once a week to worship at the altar of LaBoeuf.

So there we go, where do you fit in? I’m a four, and proud of it. Ha ha

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