Welcome one and all to my film blog which is a spin-off blog from the original Rambling Dad site that dealt with daily mishaps and anecdotes of being a parent with young kids. My kids are moving into their teenage years so to respect their privacy I have decided to write more about my other great love in life…..films.

It is fair to say that I could watch films all day and every day. Ever since going to the cinema in Bolton as a curious 4-year-old to watch a double bill of Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back I have been hooked. The magic of going through the bomb proof door, walking down the stairs in the near dark, the red glow that came from behind the old red curtain, the hush as the curtain pulled back to reveal “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away………..” The trumpet blares as John Williams’s most iconic score launches an attack on your ears, the yellow script that your mum had to lean over and read out to you, then the first spaceship arrives……………then the 2nd one and with it a life-changing moment.

Now there may be some who think, it’s just a film, but to me, they are far more than that. Films can help take an individual on a journey to far away galaxies or to the battlefields of World War 2 or on an adventure with a fedora-wearing Archaeology teacher, but for that 2 hours you are caught in those worlds, the real world is an inconvenience that we deserve a break from.

Films are about escapism, magic, wonder, romance, heartbreak, intrigue and most importantly life. In these blogs, I hope to put across how much I love film. It is my generations preferred art form and I am happy to bore the pants off anyone who wishes to get into a film discussion with me.

I have just completed writing a series of blogs on Steven Spielberg through the decades, which you can find hereĀ The Spielberg blogs.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs.

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